Swiss Heritage

Switzerland has set the defining standard for which all other watches are judged. Since the 16th century, the Swiss have been creating clocks and timepieces the rest of the world has looked to. Our Swiss Quartz movements make use of a small quartz crystal, which is electrified by a battery to create small vibrations. These vibrations keep the movement oscillating, and drive the motor to move the watch hands.

Paramount Quality

The heart of a watch – its movement— often influences the arrangement and function of a dial. With Swiss Quartz movements, aesthetics are paramount throughout the design and construction processes, setting it apart from other quartz movement makers. Our cases are strong, and durable enough for outdoor and artillery environments. All the materials that make up our watches have been sourced from the highest quality manufacturers, coming together in a league of our own making.

Our Philosophy

500 years ago, the dawn of Swiss watchmaking began. In honor of our Swiss ancestors, we created timeless styles with only the best materials. Build to last, our watches will endure the ages, just as Swiss watchmaking traditions will.

We are the keepers of time-honored Swiss watchmaking.

We are 3 Leagues.